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Hairy Nympho Wife

Added 2012-03-16 Good Rating 59.2%

The Body Of A True Nympho. Most Of The Husbands In The Neighbourhood Won't Be With Her Because Of Her Bush, All The More For Me!

Mature Submissive 50+

Added 2012-03-16 Good Rating 52.1%

Playtime At Home. Submissive, Mature Wife, Loves To Do What She's Told, And She Doesn't Complain About The Duct Tape

Incredible Looking Mom

Added 2012-03-15 Good Rating 57.2%

She Looks So Incredible After Our 2 Kids I Constantly Catch Men And Women Checking Her Out

Sexy Body Wife

Added 2012-03-15 Good Rating 57.2%

She Has Two Daughters But You'd Never Know From Her Sexy Body, Or Her Sexy Attitude

Big Titted Ex Wife

Added 2012-03-15 Good Rating 57%

My Ex Wife - She Thought Lipstick Would Pretty Her Up But, Yeah... No.

Wrecked From Preggers

Added 2012-03-15 Good Rating 54.8%

Pregnancy Really Wrecks Your Woman, Here's The Evidence

Curly Hair Slut

Added 2012-03-15 Good Rating 53.5%

She Was Dirty And Loved To Dress Sexy, And She Had The Curly Hair Which Is My Biggest Turn On

Extremely Elastic Grandma

Added 2012-03-15 Good Rating 53.1%

Grandma's Skin May Sag But That Means Her Pussy Is Extremely Elastic

Hot Ass Grandma

Added 2012-03-14 Good Rating 56.3%

She's 48 With 2 Grandkids And I Get To Fuck Her Every Night, She Fucks Like She's Riding A Horse

Mom Butt Plug

Added 2012-03-14 Good Rating 56.5%

Mom From My Neighbourhood Wanted My Help Taking Photos For Her Husband, But Yeah I Needed To Share

She Likes Rough Play

Added 2012-03-14 Good Rating 55%

Busty Redhead Self Pics, She Really Likes Rough Play You Can Tell From That Nipple Clamp Shot

MILF Getting Naked

Added 2012-03-14 Good Rating 54.4%

MILF Getting Naked During The Holidays, Tonnes Of These Hot Bitches Out There You Should Start Flirting!

Friend's Mom Blowjob

Added 2012-03-14 Good Rating 52.6%

My Friend's Mom Sucking My Dick, She's An Oral Whore And I Think Her Husband Is Gay

Fat Ass Slut

Added 2012-03-14 Good Rating 50.3%

She Had A Great Cunt And Could Suck Dick As The Best, But That Ass Is Super Tight And She Likes It Inside Her

Pussy Like A Vice

Added 2012-03-13 Good Rating 57.1%

Never Gonna Leave My Wife, She's Always Pulling Crazy Non Sense Like This And Her Pussy Feels Like A Vice

Sexy Leather Boots

Added 2012-03-13 Good Rating 56.4%

She Knows I Really Like Her In Her Boots So She Got A Special Pair For The Bedroom

Yoga Grandma Pussy

Added 2012-03-13 Good Rating 55.7%

Yoga Grandma Shows Her Stretch Out Pussy Hole

Lying, Cheating Whore

Added 2012-03-13 Good Rating 55.7%

40 And Still A Slut, Thinks She Can Sleep Whoever She Wants With No Consequences

Trying On Sexy Outfits

Added 2012-03-13 Good Rating 52.8%

Trying Out All Her Outfits To See If They Still Fit, And When I Pulled Out My Nexus She Kept Right On Doing It

Older Redhead Lady

Added 2012-03-12 Good Rating 54.6%

As Long As You Don't Look At The Face You're Okay, Love Her Hair Those Redhead Boy Howdy

PVC Anal Queen

Added 2012-03-12 Good Rating 54.4%

My PVC Anal Queen, The Other PTA Moms Could Never Match Her On The Club Dance Floor

Brick Shit House

Added 2012-03-12 Good Rating 54.5%

Mom Was Built Like A Brick Shithouse And Was Super Hot, Now She's Too Scrawny Because Of Her Pilates

Young Blonde Mom

Added 2012-03-12 Good Rating 54.4%

Young Hot Blonde Mom, Who Thinks She Isn't Getting Laid During Nap Time?


Added 2012-03-12 Good Rating 52.3%

Most Of These Photos Of My Sexy, Beautiful, Petite Wife Were Taken About 2 1/2 To 3 Years Ago When She Was 40 Years Old. She Has An Amazing Little Body That She Always Loved To Show Off In Public Whenever I Would Ask Her To. She Would Get So Fucking Turned On When I Would Ask Her To Let Me Pick Out Her Outfit To Wear When We Had Plans To Go Out For The Night. Whenever Our Plans For The Evening Included Dining Out At Some Exclusive Boston Restaurant, I Would Usually Make Her Wear A Tight, White, See-through Top Which Would Shamelessly Show Off Her Amazing Tits And Big, Pointy Nipples. When Going Out To Dinner On A Hot Summer Night, She Would Love To Wear Thin, Shear Sun Dresses Without Any Underwear So That Every Guy Who Checked Her Out Would Be Able To Clearly See Her Amazing, Nude Body... Most Of The Pics Posted Here Were Specifically Taken To Be Posted On A Different Naughty Website Which We Joined Back Then. She Absolutely LOVED The Fact That Thousands Of Men Were Jerking Off To Nude, Slutty Photos Of Her. Our Sex Life Was Incredible, But We Really Have Next To Nothing Else In Common With Each Other. Our Divorce Should Be Finalized By This Summer And It's Getting Tough To Accept The Fact That I'll No Longer Be Fucking The Shit Out Of Her On A Regular Basis!

Young Face Mom

Added 2012-03-11 Good Rating 53.5%

Young Face But She Had 3 Kids When I Met Her With A Fourth On The Way. Unreal Right?

Boring Married Sex

Added 2012-03-11 Good Rating 52.8%

Boring Married Sex Can Still Be Pretty Awesome, My Buddy's Wives Don't Even Give Oral

Wife Flashes Pussy

Added 2012-03-11 Good Rating 52.3%

The Good Ole Days With My Wife, Constantly Flashing Her Pussy Made Her Giggle Every Time

Sexy Photo Shoot

Added 2012-03-11 Good Rating 51.3%

We Tried To Do A Sexy Photo Set, But These Results... I Don't Know Maybe I'm A Bad Photogapher

Private School MILF

Added 2012-03-11 Good Rating 51.2%

My Wife Can Still Fit Into Her Private School Uniform, That's So Sexy!

Naked And Playful

Added 2012-03-11 Good Rating 51%

We Really Enjoy Going To Nude Destinations For Our Vacations Away From The Children, Well At Least My Husband Looks Like He's Having Fun!

Big Jugs MILF

Added 2012-03-10 Good Rating 57.9%

Exotic Euro MILF With Blonde Hair And Big Jugs Bouncing Around

Hot Blonde MILF

Added 2012-03-10 Good Rating 54.6%

Giving Out A Public Show On A Secluded Bench In A Park, Love A Hot Blonde MILF

Street Mom Naked

Added 2012-03-10 Good Rating 53.8%

Paid This Bitch Just A Dollar To Get Naked On The Street And Let Me Take Pics, Central America Is The Best!

Wants To Be Fucked

Added 2012-03-10 Good Rating 53.2%

She Didn't Like Giving Oral Because She Always Wanted It In Her Pussy, But She Did Blow Me On Special Occasions

Sexy Mom Body

Added 2012-03-10 Good Rating 52.9%

My French Wife Still Has A Smokin Body After Our Kids, I Love The Little Love Handles

Hairy Horny Grandma

Added 2012-03-10 Good Rating 52.7%

This Is One Hairy Grandma But I Get Over It Because Her Sex Drive Is White Hot

Moms Cums Hard

Added 2012-03-09 Good Rating 55.8%

Mom Squirting Her Lovely Juice All Over, She's Really Cum Centric Loves Squirting And Loves Getting Creampies

Clients Wife Email

Added 2012-03-09 Good Rating 54.1%

Found These In A Clients Email Account, Holy Shit I Feel Bad For This Guy

London Milf Posing

Added 2012-03-09 Good Rating 52.9%

London Milf Loves Sucking Cock & Flashing Her Cunt & Ass For All You Dirty Perverts. Please Comment As She Gets Turned On Knowing Youve All Seen Her Rude Bits

Fat Slut Strips

Added 2012-03-09 Good Rating 52.4%

Fat Slut Strips Down And Begs For Cock, She Looks Better With The Outfits On Frankly

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