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18yo Slut Loves To Suck Cock

Added 2012-11-14 Good Rating 53.7%

Teen Brunette Sucks Dick. Found On Someones Phone.

Ex Wife

Added 2012-11-13 Good Rating 51.2%


Wishy Washy Chamber Wife

Added 2012-11-13 Bad Rating 49.9%

End Game

Sexy Arizona Freak I Loved Fucking

Added 2012-11-13 Bad Rating 49.6%

She Was A Naughty Little Cum Slut


Added 2012-11-12 Good Rating 54%

Vanessa Is A Whore And Very Good At It. Her Husband Doesn't Know What We Are Doing Behind His Back Either.

Dirty Slut

Added 2012-11-11 Good Rating 52.4%

She Was Such A Dirty Little Slut And A Real Great Fuck.


Added 2012-11-10 Good Rating 54.3%

Here Are Some Photos My Current Wife (why Is Every Divorced On This Site?). She Is Going To Read The Comments Later So Please Be Nice.

53 Yr. Old Slut In San Antonio,TX

Added 2012-11-10 Bad Rating 49.5%

She Maybe 53, But Love To Fuck Men, Women & Couples.

My Ex Wife Ashley

Added 2012-11-09 Good Rating 56.7%

My Ex Wife Ashley Was Tons Of Fun In The Bedroom But That's Pretty Much The Only Thing She Was Good At.

Drunk Ass Latina With Big Tits

Added 2012-11-09 Good Rating 54.1%

Drunk Sex With A Bar Slut Was A Lot Of Fun For All!

Nice Bigboobs Girl Exgirfriends

Added 2012-11-08 Good Rating 55.2%

Her Are Some Pics Of My Wife Lucie That I Took Over The Years. We Are Still Together Now And Loving Life.

Steph Naked

Added 2012-11-08 Good Rating 51.6%

My New Ex Wife Steph Had The Best Set Of Tits I Have Ever Seen In Real Life!

I Like To Fuck Her

Added 2012-11-07 Good Rating 83.7%

Whenever She Shows Off Her Pussy Her Clit Is Aroused And There Is Always The Glisten Of A Well Lubricated Entrance. I Like To Taste Her Warm Sweet Juice As She Puts Her Open Slit Onto My Mouth.

Ex Wife For Your Enjoyment

Added 2012-11-07 Good Rating 53.7%

Here's A Whore If I've Ever Seen One! You Should Have Thought Twice About Cheating On Me.

Too Much Trouble......

Added 2012-11-06 Good Rating 55.5%

No Matter How Pretty They Are, Sooner Or Later You Get Sick Of Their Shit!

Rebecca Is The Most Manipulative Bitch In The History Of Sluts

Added 2012-11-06 Good Rating 52.6%

Hottest Body I Have Ever Seen But She Is A Total Hose Monster, Liar And Thief

My Horny Ex

Added 2012-11-05 Good Rating 55.4%

She Was So Hot We Where Married For Around 1 Year Before Things Turned Sour.


Added 2012-11-04 Good Rating 53.8%

Shy But Hot 40 Year Old Wife Shows Her Body II

Sasha X

Added 2012-11-03 Good Rating 52.3%

My Ex Wife Sasha Used To Love To Dig Deep And Down My Entire Cock

Wow Tits

Added 2012-11-03 Good Rating 51.5%

My Wife Is Ready For A Good Fucking

Cheating Wife Poses For Her Lover On Hotel Couch

Added 2012-11-03 Good Rating 51.2%

She Loves To Show Nice Milf Body To Her Lover Before Getting Fucked On The Couch

Wow Tits

Added 2012-11-02 Good Rating 51.4%

My Wife Is Ready For A Good Fucking

Pussy For All

Added 2012-11-02 Good Rating 50.9%

My Ex Want To Share Her Body With Just About Everyone She Met. So If She Wants To Share Her Pussy With All What Better Way Then To Show Her On Here

Ex Wife

Added 2012-11-01 Good Rating 56%

Lingerie Was What My Wife Would Say When I Asked Her What She Was Wearing.

She Is Hot

Added 2012-11-01 Good Rating 50.2%

My Ex Wife Was Pretty Hot But Really Shy In Front Of The Camera. Here Are A Few Pics I Was Able To Save Of Her.

Beautiful Big Titty Latina Drunk And Ready To Get Fucked

Added 2012-10-31 Good Rating 55.8%

Strip Tease And Fuck And

Hot Swedish Slut

Added 2012-10-31 Good Rating 54.2%

This Slut Fucked A Whole Soccer Team In The Locker Room. 3 At A Time Too!!!

Added 2012-10-30 Good Rating 56.9%

It Cost Me Over $38,000+ USD To Get This Girl To The USA To Be My Wife. She Was Well Worth The Wait I Don't Understand Why People Dislike This Type Of Service.

Ex Wife

Added 2012-10-30 Good Rating 50.3%

My Ex Wife Used To Love To Dress Up In Lingerie For Me To Photograph. We Had A Great Time Doing It But Things Just Didn't Work Out.

36 Year Old Sex Addict

Added 2012-10-29 Good Rating 56.7%

This 36 Year Old Cant Get Enough Sex From Me And It's One Of The Best Situations I've Ever Been In!

Tight 33 Year Old Blond Sex Goddess

Added 2012-10-29 Good Rating 56.1%

33 Year Old Blond Sex Kitten Sucks, Fucks And Strip's For Me After A Few Drinks At The Bar.

Hot Military Wife

Added 2012-10-28 Good Rating 58.4%

My Wife And I Had A Little Photo Session Before I Shipped Out Over Seas. These Photos Got A Lot Of Use.

Hot Mom

Added 2012-10-28 Good Rating 53.8%

I Started Dating This Lady About 6 Months Ago Until We Called It Quits. She Was Pretty Shy On Camera But I Managed To Snap A Few Nudes.

Wife Wants To Know What You Guys Think

Added 2012-10-27 Good Rating 50.7%

Wife Wants To Know What You Guys Think. It Took Me Me Awhile To Just Get A Photo Of Her Pussy To Show On The Web For You.

Young Wife Giving Me A Blow Job!

Added 2012-10-27 Good Rating 50.6%

My Young Wife Loves Giving Me Blow Jobs! I Can't Say I Blame Her With My Dick Like Mine!

My Sexy Wife

Added 2012-10-26 Good Rating 57%

Say Hello To My New Wife She's 35 And A Tiger In The Bedroom. The Only Problem Is That She's A Bit Shy On Camera.

Shes Curvy

Added 2012-10-26 Good Rating 54.7%

Used To Date This One, But After A Few Years I Found Out About Her Deep Secret. Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold.

Mom 2

Added 2012-10-25 Good Rating 57.2%

I Took This Girl From Work On Vacation But Nobody At My Work Place Knew About It. We Both Took The Same Vacation :) She Turned Out To Be A Corporate Rock Whore Though.

Bingo Whore

Added 2012-10-25 Good Rating 56.7%

We Where Married For Just Over 3 Years Before Things Started To Go South. She Told Me One Night After A Few Drinks That She Had Met A Guy At "bingo"... Bingo? Wtf Are You Kidding Me You Whore.


Added 2012-10-23 Good Rating 57.5%

My Wife Likes Sweets When They Are Laid Over My Dick And Ass!

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